“Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now”: Getting Started, Goals & Intro.

Hello World!  And Welcome to IAmPatriceP’s Blogosphere!
I’ve decided to get started and write an outlined post; in the interest of time, of what you can expect from me and in turn this blog site.
Book by Maya Angelou:  First, I want to give great honor and gratitude to the late Dr. Maya Angelou for the inspiration behind this blog post’s title.

Getting Started on this blog:  Channeling Dr. Angelou’s courage and positive energy, I am FINALLY getting started on this long anticipated goal and blog project!  Thank you God!

Detailed Goals (S.M.A.R.T.) of 2017 & How they relate to this Blog:

So I have a very lofty goal to share with you all…!
2017: To become a successful Serial Entrepreneur on/before my 35th birthday; 12/3/2017!
“If you wanna live on 5th Avenue you have to have 5 streams of income”
 – An Unforgettable Lesson from Mom
My 5+ Income Sources/Career Areas/Credentials Attained & In-Progress:
1.  NYS Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
2.  Certified Notary Signing Agent (NYS Notary Public) & Certified Title Closer Certifications
3.  Property Management Certification
4.  Real Estate Investment
5.  Blogger/Vlogger/Social Media Influencer
6.  Mobile Application Developer
Collectively, using this blog, I seek to document my entrepreneurial journey.  I seek to stay motivated and accountable by acquiring an eager and active blog audience and social media following. I seek to continue; as all Entrepreneurs should – learning.
I believe in setting S.M.A.R.T. goals.  My S.M.A.R.T. Goals Are:
S-pecific: To earn $500,000+ on/before my 35th birthday using the above-mentioned income streams.
M-easurable:  To earn $100,000+/income stream.
A-ttainable: Yes
R-ealistic: Yes
T-imely: Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017
Rewards for now as I earn & long-term: Slaycation Birthday w/ family and friends in January 2018, Be accepted in Harvard’s Executive Education Program – Owner/President Management beginning May 2018, Pay off all Private Student Loans, Buy home, Buy car, Have fun
Time is ticking….! 
A seven month timeframe at the time of this blog’s publishing – May 3, 2017.  I had to set a deadline otherwise it wouldn’t get done.  Also, I need something very challenging and worth waking up for every morning. I think I’ve met my match; goal-wise.  Wish me luck!
Introduction of Me:
I’m living, loving and laughing more!
This blog is an outgrowth of all this in a nutshell.  And I’m immensely grateful!  I wouldn’t take nothing from my life’s journey now (including the past) and continuing on from this point in time.
What are your goals for 2017’s remainder?  Share in the comments below.  Let’s chat! 🙂
P.S. – For more inspiration & what I’m listening to click below for Dr. Maya Angelou’s audiobook!  A treat indeed!


Love Always,

Trice <3